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dress tents

Dress Tents
by Robin Lasser + Adrienne Pao

This project is a fusion of architecture, the body and the land played out through living sculpture, moving images and still photography. The wearable architecture is installed and worn in the landscape in order to be photographed. Humor is paramount in these photographs, which are meant to be alluring and whimsical. The photographs are displayed as 30”X40” and 40”x50” C-prints.

In other instances, the installations are designed to be performed and displayed in a gallery, museum, public space as interactive living sculptures. These tent-like forms are worn at the opening reception and additional scheduled performance times. A dress form substitutes for the figure during the duration of the exhibition or public event. The interior of the installations house video and sound pieces that refer to the original landscape.

Artists Robin Lasser + Adrienne Pao began collaborating on the Dress Tent project in 2004.  It has appeared as an exhibition (photographs, installations and public performances in urban centers) in the U.S. and camped abroad in Argentina (’06), China (’07), Brazil and Canada (09), and Russia (11). 

It has popped up in fashion, lifestyle and pop culture magazines around the world in 8+ languages including Lucky (Russia 11), TOP (Brazil ’09), Dazed and Confused (London 08), Space (China ‘08), Vision (China ’08), Amica (Bulgaria ’07), Playboy (South America ’06), Flaunt (US ’06), and many others.